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Over the last year, I have read over 60 books. With a good portion of those focusing on various aspects of personal development. However, Steve Pavlina’s new book, Personal Development for Smart People is one of the few books that actually focuses on personal development as a way to achieve the things you want in life.

The book covers 7 basic principles. Truth, Love, and Power make up the foundation principles. Oneness, Authority, Courage, are found by combining the foundation principles and Intelligence is the combination of them all. The book throughly explains what each principle is and then explains how to achieve it. The reason that this is a great way to look at personal development, is because it allows you to focus on 3 main principles and then build upon them. For Instance, in order to achieve authority you must first be truthful with yourself and also give yourself power to make any changes you want.

The following chapters then go through how you can apply these principles to change your habits, improve or change your career, manage your money, improve your health and relationships, and find your own spirituality. While we all think about making more money and having a great career, many times this comes at the cost of our health and happiness. The main theme of this book is about aligning all of these to live a full and happy life rather than having parts of your life that completely disagree with each other

Since I was a child, I always believed that I had to make lots of money to be happy. Eventually I found my way to Tokyo where I planned to climb the corporate ladder. However, after doing it for a couple of years, I realized that what really made me happy had nothing to do with money at all. Since then I have quit my job in Tokyo and am moving to a tropical island to start my own business. You can read the full story here. I have never been happier. I was able to come to this decision by using many of the principles in Steve Pavlina’s book. I just didn’t understand it at the time. I just wish I could have read this book a long time ago. I would easily put this in the top 5 most helpful books I have ever read and it should be a required reading for anyone graduating high school.