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We all want to become financially secure in our futures and one of the best ways is to limit the amount of money that we spend. However, this shouldn’t mean that we can’t enjoy life. The key is to find ways to have fun without using a lot of money; something that has gotten harder to do with the raise in gas prices and just about everything else. But here is a list of 10 things you can do that doesn’t cost much. But don’t limit yourself to this list. Get creative, you’ll be surprised at the simple things you can do that don’t cost money.

1. A day at the park¬†by yourself, with your family, or with friends. If it’s a large group, make it a potluck.

2. Create a day of activities at home. From playing video games, listening to music, board games, or even hide and seek or dodge ball. These kinds of games aren’t just for kids. You will be surprised how much fun you can have with them. Somethings we never get to old for.

3. Take a walk though your neighborhood (this may not be a good choice depending on where you live). You can choose a destination or a direction. I prefer the latter as getting lost and seeing new places is half of the fun.

4. Go to the river or lake. Not only is it fun, but it saves on the electricity you would be using at home.

5. Study something new. You can do this online or go to the library. A new language, a new skill, cooking, or something you have always wanted to do. There are tons of free courses and books on all kinds of stuff and the benefit of accomplishing something new will make you feel great.

6. Read a book. This can be combined with going to the park or other places, but even sitting in a chair out side or in a hammock and reading a good book allows you to really relax and let your mind wonder.

7. Volunteer to help around your community, at schools, or even a friend working on their house. It may seem like work, but you can have a lot of fun doing it.

8. Go camping. Find a place that’s pretty close (so you don’t use to much gas). You don’t even have to go to a campsite. Someplace off the beaten path is even better. If there is no place like that you can even camp in your back yard. If you have kids they will think it is great. Create the right story for them and camping in the back yard can be an adventure. The secret is to refrain from using the house too much. I did this as a kid during the summer and loved it.

9. Spend a day getting a hold of old friends. You will learn all kinds of new stuff and they will be touched that you thought to contact them.

10. Do some of the above in “slow motion”. This one may seem a little weird and is actually really difficult, but can really be enjoyable. As you go through the day, take time to enjoy each sound, smell, and sight. We spend so much time rushing though our lives we never get to enjoy much of it at all. Don’t create any plan for the day (don’t sit watching tv either), but just have a general idea of what you might want to do and slowly work towards it. Don’t feel like you have to do anything or accomplish anything. Just try to live in the moment. This is really difficult, but it can be a quite unique experience. This one may be bear to impossible with kids. Just try to do as much as you can.