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DS106: Digital Storytelling Assignment #1

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016 in Assignments, DS106, Visual | 0 comments

I have done quite a bit of video editing using several video editors, but haven’t created an animated GIF. Its’s actually pretty simple, but does require a few programs to complete. Luckily, you can find them all for free. Below is my first assignment for the DS106 course. I call it  “Scared Frodo”. I chose this scene, because I remember the first time reading Lord of the Rings as a child and just how frightening the black riders seemed.

For anyone wanting to try to make their own animated GIF, you can find the instructions here: Creating animated GIFs using open source software.

The Lord of the Rings animated gif

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DS106: Open Digital Storytelling

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in DS106 | 0 comments

I’m starting a new learning program on digital storytelling put on by the open learning platform called DS106. I will be posting all of my content for this project/class on this blog under the category ds106. I don’t have much to say about the program as I am just getting started. Looks like a lot of fun. Please check it out yourself.

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Racing on the Big Island of Hawaii: Evolution Racing School, Day 2

Posted by on Jul 13, 2015 in Cars and Racing, Enjoying Life | 0 comments

Day two started out about the same as day one, but with even more rain. The track was completely covered in water by the time the first cars were going out.

Rainy track


In addition to the rain, which for the most part didn’t let up all day, we were running more difficult courses. The courses were tighter than the first day and the instructor changed it throughout the day.

The rain was a great teaching tool. Because I had so little grip (wet track and nearly bald tires) every mistake I made was amplified. If I was too aggressive with the gas, slide. Brake too hard, slide. Turn too hard, slide. You get the point.

I did a lot of sliding.

I was able to get more runs on the second day because there were only four of us. I did over 60 runs on the second day for a total of over 100 during the two days. I was exhausted.

I was more focused on racing on Sunday and didn’t take too many pictures. Here is some video instead.


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Racing on the Big Island of Hawaii: Evolution Racing School Day 1

Posted by on Nov 6, 2014 in Cars and Racing, Enjoying Life | 0 comments

Hawaii weather


The day started off like it often does here in Hilo, wet. The above picture is what the weather looked like just before I took my first run on the track.

Having never done auto racing before, I was a little nervous and didn’t quite know what to expect. My first lap was spent between figuring out where I was supposed to be going and sliding around the course. After a very full weekend and around 100 laps later, I can say that this is one of the funnest and most useful things I have ever done.

Hawaii Autocross

Obviously, the focus of the school is to make you faster, and without a doubt I am certainly a much faster driver on the track. More importantly though, I am also a much better driver on the road. A wet track and very worn tires meant that I had the chance to control the car past the limit. We all learn the basic principles of driving. Handling a car that has lost it’s traction that has lost it’s traction is so counter intuitive that you probably won’t make the right choice if you lose it on a regular road. I had the chance to control understeer (car doesn’t turn enough), oversteer (car turns too much) and lost traction again and again.

Autocross should be required for anyone who is getting their license. I really think it makes you a better driver.

After a couple of runs by myself I started to get the hang of it. After a couple of runs with the instructor, my times started getting better. After several runs more runs, I looked at my temperature gauge and realized my engine was overheating. Apparently, one of my fans had stopped working. Leaving the heater on while I was racing took care of the problem. Not the most comfortable solution, but it worked. You’ll notice in the picture below that my hood is up to help cooling.

hawaii race


Below is the full lineup of the cars that attended. The other Miata is just barely in the picture. All together there were six cars: my 2002 Miata, a Mazdaspeed Miata, a 350Z, a Lotus Elise, a BMW M3, and a Porsche Cayman (two drivers were sharing this car).

car lineup


My car on the course later on in the day after the track had dried out.

autocross driving


We spent most of our time on the track getting instruction while driving or while in the passenger seat. This was the really great part of the class. I got to spend so much time behind the wheel. We did have intermittent breaks to discuss what we had learned.

Autocross Class


At the end of the day, I was exhausted. My car was dirty, and I couldn’t wait to come back for more the next day.

dirty miata



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Racing on the Big Island of Hawaii

Posted by on Nov 1, 2014 in Cars and Racing, Enjoying Life | 0 comments

2002 miata

It’s been a while since I have posted on Simplistic Thoughts. Moving from Japan back to the US, and then moving again to Hawaii meant a lot of changes. We have been here for just over a year and things are going well. Enough about that….onto racing.

For quite a long time now, I have been wanting to get into auto racing. After a bit of searching, I found there is a small racing track and an autocross group. Autocross is a race where a small track  is setup using cones and a solo driver drives the course trying to get the best time possible.

I went out to see the group several months ago. At the time I only had one car and didn’t want to risk anything happening to it. With racing in mind, I picked up another car. It’s a 2002 Miata LS 6 speed. I have been slowly taking care of everything that needed to be fixed/serviced and tomorrow I have my first day of racing.

2002 miata.jpg

As timing would have it, there is a high performance racing class that is taking place this weekend and I signed up. It was quite expensive, but I figure it’s a great way to get started.

I am taking along my cameras and will be shooting as much as possible. I’m really not sure how much time I will have to shoot video since I am supposed to be learning.

Below is a picture of me sporting my new helmet. I was going for “The STIG” pose. Anyone who watches Top Gear will know what I am talking about.

racing helmet.jpg

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